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Who Needs Financial Guidance? Everyone!!!

Did you ever wonder how some people can take control of their finances? While a select few can personally manage their investments and their financial planning - and have the time to stay current, most people need guidance.  Where can you find this guidance? Guidance you can rely on?  Strategic can give you access to a world of investment information, securities research and investments personalized to help meet your needs.

Strategic Asset Management opens the door

We live in a world of competing choices, a world of changing opportunities. Stock, bonds, money markets, tax-advantaged programs - these are just some of the products and services we hear about every day. It can be a confusing world to some, but with the trusted assistance from Strategic, you can unlock these mysteries and shed light on the opportunities that investing can offer you.

Each individual has his or her own set of particular needs. No single solution is right for everyone. For some, the challenge to develop an investment program dedicated to funding a child’s education. For others, the focus is the purchase of a second home. And nearly everyone needs a sound plan for funding a secure retirement.  By beginning a relationship at Strategic, you get started on the right track, no matter what your financial goals may be.


We take a personal interest in your financial well being. Strategic is just a phone call away and willing to discuss any facet of your investments.

Private, Secure

Strategic is paid only by the client, on a fee basis. No additional revenue is earned by Strategic for transactions done on your behalf. 

Strategic understands the desire for privacy, We never tell anyone who we work for, and never sell our client’s information to anyone.

Your funds are segregated into their own account, you retain complete access to the money, and know precisely what your investments are.

This segregation of funds also has tax advantages. Since the account is entirely yours, securities sales in taxable accounts can be timed to reduce total tax liability.

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Strategic Asset Management is an investment advisory firm registered in Washington State.

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